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Luna Inu Warriors, Unite!


“Adversity creates strong communities, and strong communities can create widespread change.” — Anon


We can all agree it’s been a pretty crazy time for the crypto space. Between the bear market, BTC and ETH with recent steep declines, most new launches getting rugged or failing soon after, and Terra Luna UST collapsing, everyone is looking for a feel-good story to emerge from all the red we’re seeing. Enter $LINU, The Luna Inu project, originally created to address the failures of LUNA by creating a token the community could rally around, a rebellion against the financial irresponsibility of Do Kwon and his whale cronies.

$LINU was deployed by an anonymous dev who created an unruggable contract. The Linu token went from a microcap to 2000 holders, #1 trending on dextools, and a $15 million marketcap in a matter of days. This is unheard of for a grassroots community project.

The anonymous founder dev then sold his tokens and mysteriously vanished. Was he a Satoshi-like figure or a greedy founder who sold? No one knows for sure. The community panicked and scammers ran amuck. There was an attempt to create a V2 Linu token, but the deployment was flawed, then rogue devs managed to launch a different V2 which turned out to be a honeypot scam. Unfortunately, that left a lot of people in the community feeling disillusioned and disenfranchised.

A Phoenix Rises

What happened next was fascinating, and can only happen in crypto. People realized the contract the original dev left is completely safe — liquidity is locked for 100 years, contract is renounced, 0% tax on buys/sells. In fact it’s a 1:1 direct SHIB clone — meaning just like SHIB, the community is meant to own this token. No single person will ever have control. No rogue devs can rug or alter the code of the original LINU contract.

Remaining members of the community have gathered and rallied around $LINU realizing there’s no centralized figure to pull shenanigans, the contract is safe and proven, and the original goal of flipping LUNA is still possible.

We saw the original token get sold to dust. And from that dust it rose again, going up exponentially in trading volume and marketcap all in one day. This is just the beginning.


The Mission

We are the Luna Inu community. The survivors. The warriors. We fight off the scammers. The code remains pure, it is renounced and cannot be rugged. We remain steadfast in our mission to flip Luna, giving the opportunity to those affected by the collapse of Luna and Do Kwon’s failures to join a truly decentralized, incorruptible cause.

There have been bad actors along the way who tried to take down the Luna Inu community and Linu token. We were left for dead, but we rose again like a phoenix, ready to do battle. Like Bitcoin, we are the honey badger of crypto. We cannot be killed. We come back more unified and resilient, in bigger numbers.

Narrative and Roadmap

The community has spoken. The market has spoken. Luna Inu has been resurrected, and the Linu token will rightly take its place over Terra Luna.

Crypto is built on narratives. Satoshi and the genesis token, born in the chaos of the banking crisis and fiscal irresponsibility. The Mt. Gox hack and the conflagration of Bitcoin, only to rise from the ashes. Vitalik, the hope of Ethereum and the Internet of Money, the fall and resurgence after the DAO hack. Do Kwon and his Icarus-like ascent, pride goeth before the fall. Communities and individuals, rich and poor, devastated by the Terra Luna UST collapse. Now this sets the stage for Luna Inu, a story to tell about how a decentralized community on a decentralized Ethereum platform can overcome incredible adversity, defeat all scammers and restore faith in crypto. Sometimes good prevails over greed, even in crypto.

Why did you get into crypto? To make money, sure, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I bet there’s a part of you that wanted to stick it to an unjust system. Here’s your chance.

We’re going to take this one to the moon and beyond — for the community. The project is owned by you, the community. Work hard, stay positive, help each other out, and it will grow. The possibilities are endless. Our first goals are to not only flip Terra Luna but also help the Luna Inu holders who were scammed. We will simultaneously work toward CoinMarketCap and ShibaSwap listings. If you make enough noise, you’ll force the centralized exchanges to list us, just like they did with Shiba Inu. It will require enormous community effort and organization. All hands on deck, onward we go!

Currently we have different groups supporting the original LINU token, but we are trying to consolidate all social media, links, and webpages so that it reflects one vision, one community. We’re not there yet so it may be confusing at times, but we will work through these issues.

Adversity creates strong communities, and strong communities can create widespread change. Join this community, and forge a new path for crypto.



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