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linu inu

What is $LINU?

$LINU short for LUNA INU coin, is a people's token created by the Community, for the Community! Fully Decentralized and Community Owned. Unruggable Contract, Unknown Creator, no one in control of contract except Community and MeMe$

Renounced Contract

No Taxes!

Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion!

25% Of Supply Burned!

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How to Buy $LINU?






DEX For Beginners

New to crypto? Use this very simple step-by-step guide to buy $LINU!

Step 1: Set Up Your Wallet

Get a digital wallet (Trust Wallet or Metamask), download it from your app store if you don't have one. Add Ethereum (ETH) to the wallet, and be aware of gas/tax fees on every ETH transactions.

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Make sure you are using wallet browser. You can buy directly from Uniswap or 1inch. The steps are similar > Confirm import of $LINU > Click Connect Wallet > select WalletConnect to connect.

Step 3: Swap

Now's the fun part! you should see ETH on "You Pay," and LINU on "You Receive," specify the ETH amount for LINU, and view the exchanged LINU amount along with gas fees. Click SWAP and Voilà! you just joined the $LINU community! ✨

For Advanced Users

Step 1. Buy some $ETH on your preferred crypto exchange

Step 2. Transfer $ETH to your secure DeFi wallet(Trust Wallet, Metamask, etc)

Step 3. Swap $ETH for $LINU on your preferred DeFi protocol(Uniswap, 1inch, etc) using original $LINU address(ERC20)

Support Development


"You can support the development of Luna Inu project by donating to the community MultiSig ETH wallet. Contributions from the community will be allocated towards marketing and listings. All donations will go to wise causes voted on by the TG community. No one should feel obligated to donate. All donations are completely voluntary, anonymous and greatly appreciated."

Live $LINU Chart

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