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“Adversity creates strong communities, and strong communities can create widespread change.” — Anon

LINU is already listed on 3 centralized exchanges with more on the way.

Although you cannot buy LINU directly from Coinbase, you can acquire LINU with Coinbase Wallet in a few easy steps.

  • Transfer ETH from Coinbase to Coinbase Wallet -or-
  • Buy ETH directly from Coinbase Wallet via Bank Account, Debit Card, or Apple Pay
  • Swap ETH for LINU

$LINU short for LUNA INU coin, is a people’s token created by the Community, for the Community! Fully Decentralized and Community Owned. Unruggable Contract, Unknown Creator, no one in control of contract except Community and MeMe$


You need to add LINU as custom address/token to your wallet:


Trust Wallet: Click here to read the guide

MetaMask: Click here to read the guide

No, you cannot mine LINU. LINU is Ethereum-based, and its system currently doesn’t allow direct mining of the coin.

Yes, LINU was audited by Solidity. Read their audit report  here

You do not need permission to list LINU. If you require business details, please note that LINU itself is not a business/company. The LINU token is just code running on a blockchain.

Contact Us – [email protected]